Artificial Wonders Privacy Policy

Last update: 2018-11-25

We are Artificial Wonders, an indie game developer based in Sweden. We create and publish games for Android devices. This Privacy Policy applies to our published game ”Memmy”. We aim to collect as little information as possible, within reason.

1. Advertising in our apps

We display ads in our apps to make them available for free. We use the Google AdMob platform. Our apps collect information to display ads. Your IP-address and your Advertising ID are collected. We do not store this information. This information is sent by the app to AdMob and managed by them.


The IP-address is the currently assigned identity of your device on the internet. This information can be used to determine your approximate location (country and city).

Advertising ID:

The advertising ID is a user-specific, unique, resettable ID for advertising, provided by Google Play services. This id gives AdMob the ability to link information they have previously collected on your activity in order to show better ads. This can be for example, your search queries, site visits, apps used, demographic information and location.

Non-personalized ads:

If you are located in the EU you can choose to only see non-personalized ads in our apps. This is done at first start or at the settings menu. In this case your advertising ID and IP-address are still used, but no data of your previous activity are used. See ”3. opting out” for more options.

Google AdMob:

Google AdMob controls the data used to show ads (Advertising ID, IP-address and previous activity)
Privacy Policy

2. When you contact us

If you contact us, we may get your email address, name, phone number or any other personal information. This information is kept safe and is never shared with any other party. When communication has ended all information is removed.

3. Opting Out

If you want to be forgotten and/or don’t want ads based on your previous activity.
On your Android device, open Settings > Google > Ads.

4. Updates to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time without any notice. Any such update will be effective immediately. The date of the last update is displayed at the top.

5. Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please send us an email: